Royal Valet | Event Staffing
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Event Staffing

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Event Staffing

Be it a wedding, black-tie event, special event, holiday party, corporate event, charitable event or open house, we understand that sometimes you just need extra hands to assist you in the execution of your event. Our team is prepared to handle all of the tasks necessary including set up, clean up, overseeing buffets and drinks stations, cutting and serving wedding cakes, greeting your guests, and so much more. Allow us to “do the dirty work” so that you can enjoy your event and know that everything in the background is being handled with ease.

Coat Check

Our coat check teams are ready to greet your guests with a smile and assist them with their coats and umbrellas. Coat check services allow your guests to not be encumbered with personal items while enjoying your event. Our team will keep belongings organized and be ready to assist upon both arrival and departure of your guests

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Traffic Direction

Sometimes, our clients need to ensure the efficient and safe flow of traffic in and/or around their locations.  Royal Valet is committed to creating and executing a cost effective yet safe parking plan that will best meet you and your guests’ needs. During the planning process, a Royal Valet specialist will visit the site prior to the event, and design a practical parking strategy tailored to your specific needs at no additional cost.