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Valet Services

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Charitable or Non-Profit Event

Make your next charitable event or non-profit gathering a memorable one by starting the event with happy attendees. Serve your donors, distinguished guests, and volunteers with having a valet parking service.


We understand that every possible dollar you raise is needed for your cause. Thus, we have developed a seamless process to ensure your guests do not waste valuable time waiting to valet park, but rather are greeted warmly and allowed to quickly enter the event. We consider it a great honor to serve nearly one hundred nonprofit organizations in Tulsa and would love to show you the reason why.


Do not let parking challenges hinder patrons from your restaurant. By providing valet parking services, patrons are certain to enjoy being able to pull up to the front door and walk right in to your establishment without the hassle of parking.


We specialize in the details that go into organizing a restaurant valet service and we would honor the opportunity to serve your next one within Tulsa. With Royal Valet, you can expect superior valet parking service for your restaurant. Don’t allow your guests to fret over parking, but rather offer them an admirable valet parking service. You can count on the professionals in royal blue to be an extension of your restaurant staff and make each guest’s experience exceptional.

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Make your wedding day a pleasant memorable occasion for your family and friends by offering them the courteous gesture of a valet parking service. Remove all the anxiety from your invited guests by allowing them to walk straight into your venue to enjoy your beautiful day.


Royal Valet is the leading valet service within the Tulsa metro area, and it is our great joy to be part of your big day. We promise the professionals in blue will be an extension of you and your appreciation of your guests on your special day.

Black-Tie Event

A black-tie event and valet service go hand-in-hand, and we are prepared to surpass all expectations for your high class affair. Our professional service team is ready and able to be the first and last face your guests see, and we honor these interactions.


You can expect Royal Valet to offer superior valet parking for your black-tie event. We understand the expectations that come along with such an event and strive to surpass them all. Don’t let your decorous dressed guests have to be burdened with parking, but instead provide them with a seamless valet parking experience with Royal Valet.

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Offering valet services to your hotel guests for a special event or full-time basis signifies your commitment to the care and consideration of their needs. Valet parking is a difficult service to offer; allow us to partner with you and remove the stress of it.


Hiring Royal Valet, we deliver exceptional valet parking for your hotel in the Tulsa area. We know the details that go into organizing a logistics parking chart as well as serving people with superb customer service, just like your hotel models. Don’t allow your guests to search for parking, but instead provide them with valet parking that shows your appreciation for them coming to your hotel.

Traffic Direction

Do you have plenty of places to park but just need help keeping it organized? Allow us to work with you to develop a traffic flow plan. A Royal Valet specialist will visit the site prior to the event, and design a practical parking strategy tailored to your specific needs. Our teams will ensure your guests are greeted with a smile and guided to park in an organized and safe manner.

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Special Event

Special events are just that – special – and Royal Valet understands what that means. Set your event apart with valet parking, giving your guests an amazing first impression as they arrive to your event. Our team is prepared to welcome them with both enthusiasm and professionalism, extending your appreciation for their attendance.


With Royal Valet, you can expect exceptional valet parking for your special event in Tulsa and the surrounding area. We know the details that go into organizing a special event and want valet parking to be the easiest of them all. When you rely on us for your valet services, you can be assured the team in blue will handle your event with care.


Enable your guests to have an incredible corporate event by offering exceptional valet parking from Royal Valet. Corporate events can be the hallmark of a successful year and something for everyone to look forward to. Provide your special guests with valet parking with our services in the Tulsa area. We promise to impress your guests with our corporate event valet parking service.


No other valet service offers the professionalism and enthusiasm of the Royal Valet Team. Your guests should not have to concern themselves with a parking space, but instead, provide them with corporate event valet parking that shows your appreciation and how much you value them.

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Private Event

Hosting a private event can be overwhelming. Allow Royal Valet to come along side you to partner with you to plan and execute the perfect parking plan. Our team will provide a professional and courteous service to each visitor – this is our promise.


In hiring Royal Valet, you can expect a valet parking service that surpasses expectations for any private event within the Tulsa area. We understand the importance of not only your guests, but your neighbors as we ensure cars are parked in a manner that will not disrupt the neighborhood. When you rely on us for your valet services, you can guarantee the team in blue will be professional, pleasant, and proficient.


Be the star of your own party by offering valet parking service.  Take the confusion and stress out of your guest’s mind when they arrive at your party by having them pull up to a preferred spot, get out, and we take it from there.


Royal Valet specializes in the details that go into organizing a private party valet parking service here in Tulsa. With Royal Valet, you can expect exceptional valet parking service for any type of event, especially your private party.  The royal blue shirts desire to make you the star of your party.

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